* Presenting Author

Establishing an in-house end-to-end quality assurance process for FSRT brain treatments

Kevin Alexander (Cancer Centre of Southeastern Ontario) *, Kurtis Dekker, Tim Olding, L John Schreiner (Queen's University)

Evaluation of Intrafraction Shifts in Lung SBRT Targets over the Course of a Lengthy Treatment

Marija Popovic (McGill University Health Centre) *, Rusell Ruo, Tanner Connell, Neil Kopek, Asma Saidi, Bassam Abdulkarim, Paul Ramia, Marie Duclos, Jessica Gluszko, Sergio Faria

Impact of interfractional anatomic variations on breath-hold SBRT for pancreatic cancer: Are we flying blind with daily cone-beam CT image guidance?

Joshua Niedzielski (MD Anderson Cancer Center) *, Yufei Liu (MDACC), Rachael Martin, Luis Perles, Sam Beddar, Neal Rebueno, Eugene Koay, Cullen Taniguichi, Emma Holliday, Prajnan Das, Grace Smith, Bruce Minksy, Ethan Ludmir, Albert Koong, Gabriel Sawakuchi

Implementing a New Incident Reporting System and Improving Quality Culture during a Pandemic

Erika Hammer (Sunnybrook Odette Cancer Centre) *, Steve Russell

Standardizing Dose Assessment for Patients with Multiple Courses of Treatment: A Single Institution Experience

Marija Popovic (McGill University Health Centre) *, Monica Serban, George Shenouda, Marc David

Stereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy for the Treatment of Upper Urinary Tract Transitional Cell Carcinoma

Julia Khriguian (McGill University Health Centre) *, Horacio Patrocinio, Fabio Cury

Use of hydrogel tissue spacer for prostate SBRT: Dosimetric and toxicity review of single institution experience

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