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Setting Up SBRT Program

February 4, 2021 from 11:00am EDT to 12:30pm EDT

As part of the panel discussion on ‘Setting up an SBRT program’, I will share my experience in setting up a prostate SBRT program at the Allan Blair Cancer Centre in Regina, Saskatchewan. Topics of discussion may include, but are not limited to:

·         Knowledge resources available
·         Patient prep, immobilization, and setup
·         Incorporation of MR imaging to aid in target delineation
·         Use of fiducial markers for MR-CT registration and IGRT on-line matching
·         Planning margin analysis and margin reduction for stereotactic treatment
·         Treatment planning optimization and OAR tolerances
·         IGRT workflow during treatment
·         Strategies around prostate intra-fraction motion
·         Equipment and patient-specific quality assurance
·         Building a robust program through interdisciplinary collaboration and training
·         Documentation
·         Identifying stakeholders and ensuring proper communication

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