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Overcoming Obstacles to Wider Adoption of SBRT (Presentation and Group Discussions)

February 3, 2021 from 11:30am EDT to 1:00pm EDT

There are many obstacles that must be overcome to gain a wider adoption of SBRT in our clinics. Most of these obstacles are due to the lack of departmental resources that is usually fixed to budgets and prioritization. This session is to try and decipher how to evaluate and utilize existing resources wisely and work towards a wider SBRT program.

Resources can be categorized into financial, personnel, education, training, equipment (machines, dosimetry, set-up, disposables goods, etc.) and more. It can be daunting for many departments to try and adopt SBRT practices when resourcing it “properly” is not possible. However, if one can objectively look at what is available, what resources can be gained, decide on an SBRT site to begin the program, a safe, wider adoption may be possible. In this session, we will try and explore through a short didactic, and through wider group discussions, try to understand what resources can be tapped into, what is the “minimum requirement” in a department to start an SBRT program. We will aim to tie together previous didactics and panel discussions as well as explore the resourcing through clinical trials and power of networking to adopt a safe, sustainable SBRT program.

Speakers / Panelists