Session Recordings

Journée 1

Debates- Current Workflows in SBRT (Heather Warkentin)

Panel Discussion (Mod - Annie Hsu)

Patient Experience (Heather Warkentin)

Where We Are, Where We Have Been, and Where We Are Going (Mod - Annie Hsu)

Journée 2

Current State of SBRT Trials (Mod - Laura Masucci)

David Carlson - An Overview of the Radiobiology of Hypofractionation and Stereotactic Radiotherapy (Mod - Annie Hsu)

Keynote Address - Timothy Caulfield - Battling Misinformation (Mod - Amr Heikal) * Disponible jusqu'au 1er mai seulement !

Team Communication in SBRT (Mod - Maria Corsten)

Journée 3

Adaptive Approach to SBRT (Mod - Lesley Baldwin)

Differentiating Between Best Practice and Billing Driven Practice (Mod - Heather Warkentin)

Overcoming Obstacles to A Wider Adoption of SBRT (Mod - Young Lee)

Patient Reported Outcomes from the Patient's Point of View (Mod - Amr Heikal) 

Journeée 4

Emerging Smarter- How Covid-19 is Reshaping the Future of Radiation Medicine (Mod - Marija Popovic)

New Horizons in SBRT (Mod - Lesley Baldwin)

Setting up SBRT Program (Mod - Cheryl McGregor)